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When I started calling her I was in a pretty bad state.

I just wanted to leave a good word for Dr. Ginny. I found her website (www.drginny.com) by doing a web search and I have been having her read for me for close to a year now. I am amazed at how accurate she is. When I started calling her I was in a pretty bad state. I had an addiction problem and my husband had divorced me over it. I still loved my husband and wanted him back. Dr.Ginny used all her abilities to show me that the future could be just what I wanted and then helped me through the difficult process of getting clean. I can't thank her enough for her support and guidance. She told me he would come home and our family life would be back to what it once was only better. She helped me to understand using her psychic abilities what triggers my destructive behavior going all the way back to my childhood that caused me to not be able to give up my addiction. Once she pointed out the things that she instinctively knew regarding my childhood I started to the see the pattern that I had developed that had destroyed my family and could destroy my life. After six months clean my ex-husband came back and we are all under one roof. In two months we are going to once again get married and this time it will last. Without Dr. Ginny’s help I would never be at this point...frankly I was so close to giving up when I first called her that I am not sure if it were not for her I would still be on this earth. I owe her my life. Thank you, Dr. Ginny, for sharing your blessings with me, I can never repay you for what you gave me back!