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How To Know If A Psychic Is Real?

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One of the number one questions, when a client calls into a psychic, is,  “Are you real”?  Now my guess is that the psychic would not be advertising as a psychic if when someone calls in they were going to respond with, “Nope, I’m not real, I’m totally fake”.   It cracks me up that people would actually ask that question.  It’s just like when they put that question on resumes that asks for you to put down references.  On one hand who in their right mind would put down someone that would say something bad about them.  Most people put down friends and or relatives (even though they say no relatives) and everyone always receives a glowing review.  There is an exception to that and that is when the person filling out the application is so clueless or such an anti-social person that they truly don’t have a social network of friends and so they just put down someone who barely knows them.  Then when the person from HR calls they get a bad report and that person never gets hired.  But those are the rare few and something tells me someone that is so disconnected from reality, would show other deficits during the interview process that would clue in the interviewer into knowing that perhaps this person is not right for the job.

So why would someone ask that same type of question to a psychic?  Probably for the same reason they ask those questions on job resumes.  To quickly weed out the really bad ones.  But once you have weeded out the bad psychics by asking that question, then what do you have left.  How do you know the good ones, the real one from the ones that are not honest but pretend to be psychics?  The ones who prey on the innocent and who want to take advantage of them while they are at their most vulnerable.  So how can you tell a real psychic from a fake when you desperately need some advice?  That’s actually pretty easy.  Think about this, if a psychic is doing the job part-time, they may be good but that tells me that they either are new or they may not be that great.  The reason, if you go to a psychic and they are really good you are going to go home and tell all your friends about this psychic. Then your friends at least some of them are going to want to go visit that psychic as well.  Then they tell their friends and so on and so on and eventually, this psychic has no time to work a full-time job other than being a psychic.  So one way to weed out an okay psychic from a really good psychic is simply asking, “Do you do this full time?” Funny but when asked that question many psychics will say, “No I only do this in the evening’s part-time”.  That’s when it’s time to find another psychic if you are trying to save time and make sure the psychic you are calling is good at what they do.  I know this sounds simple but sometimes the simplest things we tend to make difficult.

Are They Psychic, They Don’t Dress It?

Often when we think of psychics we think of dark lit rooms filled with incense and multi-colored cards of different origins that will aid the psychic in giving us the messages we so want to hear.  One thing I have learned in life is to look beyond the cover.  When we arrive at a bookstore and do not have a specific book in mind.  We have a tendency to be drawn to book covers.  I have been told that a book cover can increase the sale of the book along with product placement on the shelves.  I have also been told because of the way the books are placed that a writer who has a last name that begins with the letter “M” has a higher chance of being recognized because their books generally appear on the shelf at the eye level when placed alphabetically.  What does this have to do with Psychics?  Quite a bit actually. You see when going to a psychic if the psychic does not fit your perception of what you think a psychic should look like, or if they are not surrounded by the assorted accouterment that you feel is acceptable you will question the psychic’s ability.  That is precisely where the problem begins.  Storybooks and movies have us thinking that all psychics are created equal and that they all smell like an incense shop and have satin pillows and dark lighting and the psychic will always appear just a bit on the eccentric side.  Well, I’m here to tell you it is a new dawn.  No longer are psychics forced to feel that they must fit the social norm or the perception that movie producers have forced them into.  Quite contrary they are branching out.  This is evident in all the most popular reality TV shows.  In my last count, all but four have had their “real life “participants either visit a psychic or have a psychic come to them.  The amazing part is that many of the psychics so far has spoken of believing in God and none seem dressed in flowing silk garb often associated with the “old world” psychic.  They look like our neighbors or the lady at the grocery store.  What’s the reason? That’s truly who they are.   As the community at large starts to accept and even encourage psychics, psychics become more comfortable with letting out there secret.  They are psychic, were born psychic, have been psychic every day of their life and will probably remain so.  They have in essence stepped out of the “Psychic Closet” and into the daylight.   More important because they are not vampires they don’t shimmer and shine in the daylight nor do the majority run around grocery stores and hair salons giving readings at random to anyone who will listen.  They are average everyday people who simply have a gift that when requested to will gladly share that gift. The next time you hear of a psychic or perhaps summon the courage to contact one for advice don’t assume they have to dress the part, because the psychics of today are truly your neighbors, carpool moms, and soccer coaches. 

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