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Past Life Regression Service by Dr. Ginny, a Christian Psychic in Winter Springs Florida

Past Life Regression Readings

Past Life Regression is based on the premise that we are all eternal beings (Souls) who carry forward learning and experiences from one human life to another. 

Valuable information can be obtained from past lives.  This information can help you in this life too! Often the root cause for fears, phobias and even illness or disease are contained int he distant past.  Discovering what you did or didn't do in a past life can bring clarity, peace, and prosperity into your current life.

Past Life Regression can help heal the past so the future can be lived to the fullest.

What Can You Learn from A Past Life Regression?

  • You may discover a current loved one shared a past life with you or even many past lives with you!
  • You may uncover hidden talents or abilities that your soul remembers!
  • You may gain insight into unexplained illness or disabilities and possibly even make them go away once discovering and coming to terms with why they are there!

One recent client came back from a Past Life Regression explaining in vivid detail a large boat they were on, the size, the Victorian dress even the cabin.  They further went on to explain what they looked like and that they had a small child, a girl who appeared to be around one year of age.  Upon coming out of the regression the client, more importantly, remembered her last name and the year she saw printed on a piece of paper. It was the year 1912. She told me the name and explained the large boat she was on sunk and that she handed her child to someone in a lifeboat and she and her husband went to their quarters and died in the ship.  We researched the name she was shown during her past life regression and it turns out that in fact, she was on the maiden voyage of the Titanic and that she and her husband went down with the ship after putting their one-year-old daughter on one of the safety boats. This was a 16-year-old girl whose mother was present during the hypnosis.  This explained her daughter’s absolute terror of open water and her fear of crossing bridges.  Now after learning this information, she is no longer afraid of open water because she now realizes where this irrational fear comes from.

Past Life Regression can help heal the past so the future can be lived to the fullest. It can help you come to terms with the past, so you are not destined to relive it.  Let Dr. Ginny show you where you came from to give you a road map to where you may be going.  This is something that you will never ever forget!  This also makes a great gift to give to a friend or loved one!

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