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Authentic God Guided Sessions

Step into our loving and caring Evergreen Room for an Authentic God Guided Session. Our Psychic/Mediums have been blessed with the ability to connect with the Spirit World and our deceased loved ones when they are guided by God to do so. We only hold our Authentic God Guided Sessions when we are truly guided to! This means that we never know when this opportunity will be extended again.


Seating is limited so please reserve your seats early:


Call for Information and Availability

“Connect with a loved one who has crossed over into the spirit world!”

If you are reading this and feel this may be an opportunity for you to connect with a loved one who has crossed over into the spirit world, then you too are being guided to attend! That is how our loving God works.

This two-hour event will open with a prayer and a gentle explanation of how Dr. Ginny and Noelle have been blessed with their abilities and how they are guided to offer these events. They will explain what you can expect and how their gifts work. As practicing Catholics, they will also explain how they exhibit only what the bible says and that they give all the credit and glory to God and his Angels. After this explanation, they will align their energies with God and allow the messages from your loved ones to come through. The delivery of these messages can come in many forms i.e.; Their voices may change in sound, rhythm, and dialect, or they may not change at all! Writing on paper or psychometry may be used as well. We choose only to follow Gods guidance in performing this service for those in attendance. Many choose to bring an object that was worn or associated by a departed one and this is certainly welcome but not necessary.

The messages you are supposed to receive from the spirit world by the person you are supposed to receive it from will be delivered in a loving and caring environment. While we cannot promise that everyone will receive a message from a loved one, we can tell you that the healing and peace that many are searching for will happen because of all the messages delivered and God guided words that are spoken. Experiencing the wonders of the spirit world can be quite intoxicating and at the same time you will all be left with no uncertainty that death is not the end, but merely a doorway through which we all must pass and that we will live on in eternity.

Group Event Location:

Dr. Ginny’s Psychic and Spiritual Center
120 West State Road 434
Winter Springs, Florida 32708

Cost: $35.00 per person
Seating is limited so please reserve your seats early:
Call 800-375-3446 to make your reservation