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The lights were low, and the room was silent. Gently, the therapist struck the hand-hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl and let it resonate. The haunting sounds of the vibrating metal bowl drifted throughout the space, creating a sense of tranquility. As the aromatic candles flickered, a comfortable Shiatsu Chakra Chair massaged the neck, arms, shoulders, calves, and feet, reducing stress. The mood was peaceful.

“How are you feeling?” asked director and certified CHAKRA therapist Dr. Ginny as she tapped a second bowl, creating another comforting tone. “Are you feeling relaxed?”

As an owner of the Canada Rx Shop in Winter Springs for eight years, she has long had an interest in finding first-rate and cost-effective treatments for her customers.

Dr. Ginny said she was intrigued as she investigated alternative, less expensive, healing techniques. Quite often, holistic treatments complement traditional medicine, she said.

After extensive research, Dr. Ginny created a new therapy combining ancient treatments such as meditation with more modern technology, such as a high-tech massage Chakra Chair. She created a 60-minute treatment to help relieve stress through aroma, light vibration, visual treatments, and shiatsu massage, plus pain relief through sound healing.

The CHAKRA treatment is recognized by the American Health Association as a complementary alternative medicine. It is not meant to replace or alter medical treatments, Dr. Ginny said; rather, it is intended to enhance healing.

Using personal information gained through a brief interview and questionnaire, Dr. Ginny customizes therapy sessions to meet the needs of her clients. “Based on these questions, we find out what is not working or is which one of their energy centers is underactive in their body,” Dr. Ginny said.

The touchless massage concept, achieved through a Shiatsu Chakra Chair, is believed to restore flexibility, relieve tired and aching muscles, and reduce tension. The Chakra Chair scans the spine, Dr. Ginny explained and analyzes body shape, height, weight, and physics to determine treatment.

The therapist then chooses the appropriate massage form, intensity, and endurance to ensure the treatment is soothing and restorative.

“What you do with medication is treating the symptoms, and you need to let your body treat the cause by healing itself if the Chakras are open,” Dr. Ginny said. The Chakras signifies one of seven energy centers that run from the base of the spine out the top, or crown, of the head. “I personally always have believed that the body is capable of healing itself,” Dr. Ginny said.

“When you bring everything in harmony and things are working the way they should be, your body should be healing itself,” Dr. Ginny said. “And that is what we believe; we open up those blockages.”

She added that Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, oncologist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at Cornell University in New York, believes vibration and sound therapy can help reduce stress and bring the body back into balance, particularly in the case of cancer patients.

Certified as a hypnotherapist 20 years ago, Dr. Ginny said she understands neuro-linguistic programming and how the mind affects the mind, body, and soul.

“That coupled with the other techniques brings everything into sync in your body,” she said. “You may have a pain in your left knee and it could be in your spinal column.

“Everything originates from the mind and works its way down.”

Natural healing is not a new concept. For more than 3,000 years, Tibetan Monks have believed in the healing powers of sound, vibration, and meditation to clear blocked energy systems.

They believe each method helps activate the body’s ability to heal, often increasing overall health. Scientific studies have shown that sound can produce changes in immune, autonomic, endocrine and neuropeptide systems.

Dr. Ginny said scientists were skeptical whether the bowls were effective until an experiment was conducted several years ago.

“A group of scientists went to Tibet to a monastery and took the bowls away for six months. Fifty percent of these monks suddenly developed high blood sugar, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart problems within six months. They gave the monks the bowls back, and four months later, they were all back to normal health,” Dr. Ginny said. The results were significant enough, she said, to convince the scientists there was a connection.

“People spend hundreds of dollars until they find a treatment the body accepts. That is how we are different than anyone else,” Dr. Ginny said. “We are combining all the treatments in one session.

“You don’t have to search to find what will help you. It’s all here.”

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All of Dr. Ginny's readings are Christian based and have come from Angels and Saints. The Occult is never a part of any reading. Dr. Ginny is a practicing Catholic. An Ordained Minister and has her PhD in Spiritual Counseling. Dr. Ginny studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science in England.

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