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She’s honest and really cares.

I really felt the need to write in about someone I found online. I was searching for a psychic but what I got was so much more. I wanted a Christian Psychic but at the same time was looking for someone who understood that I was a Catholic and had problems with talking to a psychic. I saw an advert online for Dr. Ginny (www.drginny.com). When I called her she instinctively knew that I felt uncomfortable and we talked about it and then she started to counsel me. She is a Christian Counselor too and she said that communication with the Angels can be done by anyone and that I could learn how to “hear” my Angels and learn to communicate with them directly. I loved the idea and frankly have never felt so comfortable talking to someone I have never even met before. But the best part was that she made me realize that my problem was something that was more common sense related and she helped me through it with guidance and prayers. I can’t believe how much better I felt after and I have called her on several occasions since to help with other “life” issues that have come up. I guess what I want to say is, “Thank You”. I was in a very vulnerable situation and could have been easily taken advantage of and Dr. Ginny was so kind, warm and professional. She truly is a blessing and I just wanted to world to know it. Plus I have made great strides in communicating with my Angels and I have her to thank for that too! If you’re looking for a psychic who is willing to take the time and help you for real and not take advantage, then call her, she's honest and really cares.