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Is It Okay To Call A Psychic If You’re a Christian?

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This is a question many ponder either just before or just after they have received a psychic reading.  I have been asked this time after time and I even questioned this myself many years ago.

As an Angel Communicator, someone who communicates with the Angels only, I do not use Tarot Cards, Séances, Runes, or any other method than talking with and to the Angels who have been placed here by God to help guide us. Because I have been asked this question so often I felt it may be a good idea to write an article to express a view that would not alienate any particular religion nor refute what has been written in the bible regardless of which version of the bible you may own.

Since we know that God made us with free will, I always believe a person should follow their own personal beliefs.  That being said, God also made the Angels according to every single Bible that I have ever seen, read or googled. As a matter of fact, Angels are about the only unanimous thing all bibles have in common, each one refers to how God made the Angels.   However, if God made the Angels and put them here to help us, guide us, and be our support network then it would not be wrong to talk to them directly. When you acknowledge them and speak with them aren’t you merely accepting a gift that God has bestowed upon you?  The Angels are not conspiring against God in some sort of mutinous plot.  The Angels according to the bible “were sent as messengers of God.”  He, in essence, gave them their travel papers.

The Angels, as well as your higher self, will never defy Gods will so there is no chance that you may make a mistake.   Angels bring messages from the Divine. Depending on a person’s religious beliefs that can be God, as it is for me, or Creator, Goddess or The Divine as it is for others.  Regardless Angels are sent as a gift from God to help us polish our talents for the betterment of the world, to keep us out of harms way before our time and guide us in areas of relationships, health, career and even sometimes finances.  Our Angels are with us to enact Gods plan of harmony.

So I will let you decide. Let me know what you think… “Is it okay to ask a Psychic Angel Reader or Angel Communicator for a reading if you are a Christian”? I know my answer is, ‘how can you not’.

Dr. Ginny

All of Dr. Ginny's readings are Christian based and have come from Angels and Saints. The Occult is never a part of any reading. Dr. Ginny is a practicing Catholic. An Ordained Minister and has her PhD in Spiritual Counseling. Dr. Ginny studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science in England.

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