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Join us tonight for our

Live Ghost Hunt in St. Augustine Florida!

We will be with our parapsychologist Mike in front of the executioner’s wall at the Castillo De San Marcos Fort built from 1672-1695. It’s a monument not only of stone and mortar but of human determination and endurance, the Castillo de San Marcos symbolizes the clash between cultures which ultimately resulted in our uniquely unified nation.  Still resonant with the struggles of an earlier time, the original walls provide tangible evidence of America’s grim but remarkable history.  We will set up next to the executioners wall….what comes next we will all hear… 

We will have three sensitive’s tonight and our goal as always to help any spirits that may be caught in the “in-between” to find peace so that they can cross over into Gods Green Heaven!

The Christian Psychic Cafe  live shows are always popular because they are unscripted and you just never know what will happen, who we will connect with and more importantly how awesome it to be able to be a small part in  helping another soul cross over. 

Listen live by clicking the link below at 7:30pm EST tonight!!!

Listen in tonight to see who we contact and what we can learn and more importantly who we can hopefully bring some peace to!

If you would like to schedule a private appt. with Dr. Ginny she can be reached at 1-800-375-3446 or  http://www.DrGinny.com














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Dr. Ginny

All of Dr. Ginny's readings are Christian based and have come from Angels and Saints. The Occult is never a part of any reading. Dr. Ginny is a practicing Catholic. An Ordained Minister and has her PhD in Spiritual Counseling. Dr. Ginny studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science in England.

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