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Find out if we found Trash or Treasure on tonight’s show when we interview Kenneth Dittmann from Park & Second Antiques in Sanford Florida.  Kenneth is a well know in Central Florida as an Antiques Dealer, Numismatist and Relic Hunter for well over 25 years.  Find out if my Psychic “Spidey” senses were correct when he inspects the items Jessica and I brought to him for valuation purchased at an estate sale.  Also find out how you can get a free appraisal from Kenneth too!  As always we will be doing our Mini Angel readings tonight so you will not want to miss this! 
Pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffee; this is a gathering place to communicate with your Angels, ask questions – get advice and receive messages. Dr. ginny and her Co-host Jessica will be sure to brighten your evening!
 Call in for a free Christian Psychic Reading or ask for some common sense advice on a problem or question you are struggling with.  Dr Ginny is a Christian Psychic Angel Communicator for over 18 years. Dr. Ginny is thrilled to have an opportunity to reach out to her listeners from all corners of the world.  People have called her a Christian Medium, Christian Psychic or Christian Clairvoyant; she simply refers to herself as a servant of God willing and able to communicate with our Angels. She is helping to guide you with the questions you need answers to, today.
If you would like to schedule a private appt. with Dr. Ginny she can be reached at 1-800-375-3446 or visit her website:

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All of Dr. Ginny's readings are Christian based and have come from Angels and Saints. The Occult is never a part of any reading. Dr. Ginny is a practicing Catholic. An Ordained Minister and has her PhD in Spiritual Counseling. Dr. Ginny studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science in England.

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