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Psychic Dr. Ginny & Jessica interview Mollie Morning Star !

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THIS IS A LIVE ALL NEW SHOW TONIGHT!!!  Dr. Ginny and her Co-host Jessica interviews Molling Morning Star for The Christian Psychic Cafe.  Mollie is an Evidential Psychic Medium currently touring the country and we were lucky enough to catch up with her last Saturday right here in Orlando for our Adventure Saturday segment. Mollie is an incredible medium and has brought peace and serenity to thousands of clients through her mediumship and group talks. What you will hear tonight is that she also possesses a great sense of humor. Mollie looks like the girl next store; if you’re expecting turbans, large hoop earrings or the overwhelming scent of sage you will be disappointed. She is charming, incredible talented and down to earth. Please tune in tonight to hear our interview with Mollie Morning Star at 10:00pm EST.

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All of Dr. Ginny's readings are Christian based and have come from Angels and Saints. The Occult is never a part of any reading. Dr. Ginny is a practicing Catholic. An Ordained Minister and has her PhD in Spiritual Counseling. Dr. Ginny studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science in England.

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