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Pychic Archarology by Christian Psychic Dr. Ginny of Winter Springs Florida

Psychic Archaeology

Psychic archaeology, or "intuitive" archaeology, is the process of using psychic abilities to locate objects of centuries past or to alert of a future problem with an existing structure. This path may open possibilities for discovering new and interesting histories, profitable in helping to find precious gems and metals and/or in preventing catastrophic environmental issues within our aquatic system in our rivers and oceans.  Whereas conventional archaeology practices can draw the objects, buildings, and even people fourth, psychic archaeology can bring life and a sense of being to these discoveries and how they play into ancient people's lives.

“I have worked with many organizations and private individuals using my spiritual gifts to help locate specific antiquities and precious metals…”

- Dr. Ginny

Dr. Ginny has been involved in Psychic Archaeology for the past 20+ years.

Psychic Archaeology for Oil, Precious Metals and More

Each situation is different.  Whether you are trying to locate a cave/mine entrance, precious metals deposits or oil, Dr. Ginny can work from maps and/or GPS locations.

If you are an Oil Drilling Company Dr. Ginny has many services available to help you find and maintain your oil drilling platforms. Annual maintenance programs are available for possible breakdown locations with annual contracts. 

All Fees’ for Psychic Archaeology are paid in advance only and there is NO compensation paid on a percentage basis based on the actual value of the find and or service.  This is a huge advantage for the client.

"….my job is to help them find what they are looking for or alert them of which rig is going to go into failure within a certain period of time.  Not to make of profit from the success of my findings.  In this way, the client is protected…"

If you are in need of Psychic Archaeology please contact Dr. Ginny at:



All Oil Drilling Customers who are on an annual contract will receive a cell phone number that is operational 24 hrs a day for emergencies.